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Why hand-poured wax melts is better than mass-produced

Handmade wax melts in the UK are hand-poured in small batches by local companies. Mass-produced wax melts are made in the thousands or even millions using automated industrial machines and the cheapest ingredients.

Mass manufacturers and a lot of the corporate wax melt and candle companies’ main goals are to reduce the cost per product and maximize profits.

Hand made wax melts in the UK are more expensive than what you will find in shops like B&M or Asda. UK independent wax melt businesses are not being greedy but the cost of raw materials and labour is much higher. However, handmade wax melts are made freshly on a personal level for you.

There is nothing wrong with factory-made products specifically but here are some of the reasons we believe hand-poured options are a better process;

Quality Assurance – Hand poured candles and melts are individually created and checked by a real person. Whereas factories rely on machinery to produce consistency, the craft of candle and melt making allows for a more focused eye on the product being made.

Safer – When a human is handling materials, you can guarantee they won’t be using toxic chemicals to make the products.

Less Waste – As production is usually on a smaller scale for handmade, any losses from a mistake will be kept to a minimum. If that same mistake happens on a production line, there will be a lot more waste. Not only will this result in lost revenue for a company, but there is also a waste of energy, water and material resources from the planet.

Whenever you purchase hand-poured products from local artisans or craftsmen, you help support their dream while contributing to the growth of the local economy. This adds up to create job opportunities and a better flow of money.

Hand-poured products are high-quality, unique, safe, and customizable. What’s not to love about them?

Artisan makers create your products out of care and love.

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