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How to find your perfect wax melt scent based on your personality?

Scents are often an unseen accessory in the home and your choice should be something that complements your personality. The scent acts in a way as your personal trademark when someone enters your home.


Fabulous florals

Florals have always been known throughout the human and animal kingdom for the strong, pleasant scents they produce, so it’s perhaps no surprise that they’ve inspired the complex scents behind so many luxury handmade candles – not least of all ours here at Dayas Essence!

 The beautiful scent of spring blooms is a particularly strong and definitive scent. Usually treasuring a deep connection to and love of nature, people who choose for floral-based scents are often:

  • Romantic souls
  • Always see the best in people
  • Family oriented
  • Prefer comforting and welcoming atmospheres
  • Caring and kind
  • Always led by the heart

If this sounds like you, you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve got plenty of florals for you to choose from at Dayas Essence (Old Flower Shoppe, Oriental Rose, white Gardinier and Jasmine, Rose Noir, Rhuby Rose)

 A touch of zest

Citrus scents are famous for their invigorating properties, and they’re great for adding life and soul to a party – and keeping you awake and alert when it matters most! They’re perfect if you need a bit of get-up-and-go early on those weekend mornings, or to give you a burst of energy before you zip out to work. Alternatively, a citrus scent is wonderful for helping you make the most of that afternoon sun, so you can make your interiors feel as bright and fresh as the world outdoors.

  • Citrus lovers tend to have:
  • vibrant and bubbly personality
  • Adoration of the outside – citrus lovers enjoy working or wandering in the garden, or taking in the outdoors during a leisurely walk
  • An innate spontaneity, and fond of adventures
  • A deep pride in their own home

lemon enthusiasts tend to have more of a perfectionist streak, seeking a perfectly clean home and crisp, clean colours like white and yellow, whereas orange lovers often like to sprawl out in their interiors, with darker and richer shades frequently on display.

Try our Avobath scent, it really does awaken your senses!

Clean and fresh

Like nothing more than the scent of your freshly washed bedsheets? Chic and simple, there’s something about that uncomplicated sense of purity that appeals to all of us on a very instinctual level. And if you love nothing more than the scent of a bundle of immaculate linen, there’s a good chance that you also:

  • Prefer the simpler things in life
  • Appreciate stylish, minimalist surroundings
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet of an empty house
  • Love being snuggled up in bed as birdsong drifts through the open windows
  • For hours upon hours of freshness try our Fresh, uplift, spring and many others to hit that right spot.
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