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How to remove wax from carpets or upholstery

Let the wax harden

Before beginning to clean the stain from the melted wax, wait until it hardens completely. Use a bag of ice if you want to speed up the process. Never try to clean the wax if it isn’t a solid piece. Otherwise, you can burn yourself and spread the stain, making it more difficult to remove from the carpet or upholstery.

Scrape the excess candle wax

Use a dull knife or a plastic spatula to scrape off as much of the solid substance as you can. Never use sharp blades when removing wax from textile items because you will damage the fibers

Remove the leftover wax using iron

With some carpets and upholsteries, it is enough just to scrape off the hardened wax. Still, most of the times you will have to iron the area to remove all the remaining wax. Lay a few sheets of baking paper onto the stained area. Set your iron at the lowest possible temperature and run it over the baking paper multiple times, repeat this process. There’s no need to use the steam. The remaining wax will melt and get stuck onto to the paper. Iron the spot until you notice the paper as absorbed all of the candle wax.

Alternative solution: If you don’t have an iron you can use a hairdryer. After placing the paper sheets run the dryer to melt the wax and gently press the paper until you absorb all of the liquefied wax.

Clean the coloured dye from your carpet or upholstery

Some wax melts or candles are artificially coloured in various shades. If there is dye on the carpet, you can clean it with rubbing alcohol after removing the solid wax. Get a dry cloth, dip it in rubbing alcohol and gently blot the area until you clean the colouring.

Alternative solution: If you don’t have rubbing alcohol handy you can use carpet or upholstery stain removal product. Follow the instructions on the bottle to avoid colour bleeding and damage the fibres of your furniture or carpet.

Dry the spot

If you use rubbing alcohol to remove the stain, there is no need to rinse the area. If the outside temperatures allow it, open a window and let the wet stain to air dry – the alcohol will evaporate. Otherwise, you can use a hairdryer or to run the air conditioner in the room.

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