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How to remove your left-over wax from the burner

Cotton wool balls -Simply drop 3 cotton balls into the top of your burner to soak up the liquid wax, then use a 4th cotton wool ball to wipe any residue

The great thing about this approach is that the cotton balls can be reused. You can use them as firelighters.

If you don’t want to reuse them, you can pop them into the general waste bin.

Kitchen Roll – When the wax is just starting to warm but isn’t liquid. It should have a small ring of liquid around the outside and should be loose enough that it moves around the melter, simply take your piece of kitchen roll and wipe into the wax.

1 Minute and slide out method – If using a tealight warmer; light a tealight and leave it about a minute, when the underneath is slightly melted slide out the wax from the dish, you can do this with electric warmers too, turn on the electric warmer wait a minute or so and slide out the wax.

Pour and go – When the wax is in the liquid form, very carefully remove the dish and pour into a heat proof old container, then using kitchen roll, or cotton wool, wipe the residue.

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