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How to use wax melts

Wax melts are wickless and flameless alternatives to candles.

Wax melts have to be gently melted using a wax melt warmer, also known as a wax burner. These come in two variations, electric or tea light burners.

The main benefit to using wax melts, is that they’re generally safer to use. An electric burner has no naked flame and most tea lights will burn themselves out after four hours.

Step 1: Select your wax melt

Step 2: Put your wax melt in your burner

Depending on the strength you desire, you can cut your 1oz tub in half or if you require a hard hit of intense strength use a whole tub.

Simply pop the wax melt into the dish of your wax burner.

Step 3: Turn on your melter

If you’re using an electric warmer, there should be a switch or button to turn it on. If you’re using a tea light warmer, simply light your 4 hour unscented tea light and pop it into the designated hole below the dish. (Always make sure you are using a tealight burner designed for wax melts – not oil burners)

Once you’ve got your wax burner on the go, the wax will slowly melt to release a beautiful aroma. Our wax melts will last for a minimum 30 hours. (FULL TUB)

Step 4: Remove the wax and clean your burner

If you’ve burnt your wax melt and are thinking “why doesn’t this smell anymore?” you may be experiencing a case of nose-blindness, or more likely, it’s time to change your wax melt.

So how do you empty a wax burner? Firstly, make sure your burner is cool to touch.

Next, there are a few methods you can use to empty your burner. Some people like to burn the wax for a few minutes until it’s in a liquid form, soak it up using cotton balls and discard.

Others will turn on the burner for a moment until the wax has loosened slightly, scoop it out and pop it in the bin.

Alternatively, you can use re-useable popper liners. Sit a liner in the burner dish, put your melt in, and simply pop the hardened wax back out when you’re finished for a less messy approach.

Once you’ve removed your wax, wipe the burner dish down with either a paper towel or damp cloth. We don’t recommend using cleaning products as this may give off harmful gases when burning.

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