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The connection between our minds and smells

You know that feeling when you’re just walking down the street and suddenly something smells amazing, and you feel like a kid again?

It’s like all of a sudden your whole body is transported back to those days when you were young and carefree before bills were due and responsibilities were high. It’s kind of magical—and it turns out there are actual scientific reasons for why this happens.

You see, our noses are connected to our limbic system—the part of our brain that controls emotion, memory and behavior. So when we smell something that has an association with a good memory or positive experience, it triggers those feelings again.

It’s common to have a hungry reaction to the smell of baking bread or the smell of a freshly cut lawn makes me really good and can change my mood from irritable to happy.

Let’s not forget the wonderful smell of food cooking and even the aromas connected to certain foods, The smells at christmas too — It makes us think of home, warmth, comfort.

All of us have many visual and emotional associations to certain smells and aromas.

The sense of smell can and should be used to reduce tension and stress. You may have heard that some scents are calming while others are energizing, they may even be able to make you more productive at work!

In fact, research has shown that certain scents can help relieve stress levels by releasing endorphins in your brain—chemicals that promote relaxation! These include lavender (I love lavender), and citrusy smells like lemon or orange peels (these are great if you want something more refreshing and feel energetic).

So when you have one of those days where everything is just a little bit off.

Maybe you’re having trouble concentrating on your work, or you can’t seem to get into that book you’ve been meaning to read. Maybe you feel like life is just passing you by…

Try home fragrance.

Our sense of smell as the ability to shape our environment, and along with it our mood. As such, scent becomes a powerful tool for mental health, even if its effects are temporary.

Much has been said about the impressions our scents make on other people; not enough credit is given to the impressions they can make on ourselves. With that said, here is a list of smells that have “documented” positive effects on our mental state:

For those of us who are feeling a bit down, try Bergamot, lemon, and other citrus scents. These can help perk up your mood in no time!

If you’re easily distracted and find yourself unable to focus on the task at hand, try peppermint or cinnamon—they’ll help clear your mind and get you back on track.

If you’re sleep-deprived, try lavender or chamomile—it might not provide you with all the restorative properties of actual sleep (which is what most of us would prefer), but it will help soothe your frazzled brain and bring you back into the moment.

And if you’re feeling emotionally displaced? Baby powder! Or  rose—rose is great for those times when you need something soothing but not too sweet.

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