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How to prevent loss of smell

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can smell your candle or wax melt, and then suddenly it just stops? You've been enjoying the scent for hours and it's just gone! Did you do something wrong?

The answer is no. There's a good reason for this sudden shift in scent perception.

It's called olfactory fatigue. Aka NOSEBLIND

Olfactory fatigue is defined as the inability to detect a smell after a period of exposure. This happens because the receptors in your nose get tired and stop responding to the smell after being exposed to it for an extended period of time.

It's similar to how your eyesight gets tired and blurry after staring at something for too long.

When you smell a scent, your brain processes it as a chemical signal that travels to the olfactory bulb in your brain.

This process takes just milliseconds, and after that happens, the smell is stored in your memory as an image or idea—you can't see it or touch it, but you know what it is, this is how we recognize smells like pine trees or fresh coffee grounds (but also why we don't recognize many of our own smells).

The sense of smell is one of the most powerful and primal parts of our brains.

It's so important that it can actually trigger memories and emotions without us even knowing it!

That's why we recommend you take a few steps to reduce your nose blindness, so that you can continue to enjoy all the wonderful scents you love from Dayas Essence.

  • To overcome being nose blind it is recommended that you use your wax melts for 4 hours at a time.
  • Go into the kitchen and take a large sniff from your coffee jar. This will "reset" your nose and you should be able to smell again.
  • Don't use the same fragrance all the time. Not using the same fragrance all the time will help you to not become accustomed to a particular scent.
  • Go for walk out doors and turn on your warmer when you get back you'll notice your smell has come back.
  • Remelt the next day after you've "aired" your home.

So now you know the reason when you think your favourite fragrance has become 'weaker' it’s just your brain has learned to pay less attention to the smell.

Have you ever noticed that when someone changes their perfume, you can tell right away?

It's not because it smells different—it's because your brain is now paying more attention to the smell, so you're able to pick up on subtle differences in the scent.

Our fragrances are always made with the same ingredients and proportions, so even though it seems like your favourite fragrance is getting weaker, it's just your brain has gotten used to smelling it all day every day!

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