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Why does your melt smell stronger upstairs, when your burner is downstairs?

Have you ever noticed that your wax melts smell stronger upstairs of your house than downstairs? It’s called diffusion, and it has to do with how air circulates and heat rises—and it’s actually a really cool thing.

That’s because smells travel in the air by diffusion because the air molecules are always moving.

Imagine baking bread or having a fresh ground coffee poured for you, you can smell it from another room or even upstairs (nothing beats a bacon sandwich wafting up the stairs at the weekend!), all it is; is the molecules leaving the bread or coffee as its baking or poured, the natural heats in the air and the environment naturally lift those smells upstairs, and it’s the strongest smells you will notice.

These tiny molecules of bread or coffee scents travel through the air throughout these rooms to our noses, its the same with your wax melts having been heated through your burner.

You know when you walk into a room and can smell something wonderful? That’s fragrance throw. And it’s not just for candles and reed diffusers. You can get the same effect with warmers, too!

We’ve found that placing your warmer on a lower or medium height surface is much more efficient than placing it high up where there isn’t enough airflow around our burners to carry those wonderful smells around your home.

Did you know that the best way to get your scent to spread through a room is to keep your burner away from enclosed spaces? It’s true!

The molecules in our scents break up in an open area, so you can really get that lovely throw. And when you’re using it with a candle or reed diffuser, it just makes sense to have it in an open space.

Here’s what we mean: if you have a burner inside a bookcase, or on a window sill, the molecules are going to be less able to spread through the air.

That’s because there’s less circulation—heat rises and it doesn’t mix as well with cooler air.

So give it a try! Move your burners around and see if your scent throw is better

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