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Wax Melts: Why Curing Matters

We cure our wax melts for a minimum of 18 weeks from product being made. The reason for this is the chemical process of oil and wax fusion. Traditionally, paraffin wax only needs 48 hours to process the oil and wax together; but in all my years of making melts I practiced the curing times ranging from 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks 16 weeks and lastly 18 weeks which is what we’re on now.


When we’ve product tested wax melts, we found the longer we’ve left the melts to cure further, even by an extra few weeks the difference was noticeable.

Patience is key for the end result to be spot on ♥️♥️♥️

Here’s the science bit…..

Wax like everything else is made up of molecules, these molecules are held together by ionic bonds.

To make a scented wax melt you need to make the molecules of the wax bond with the molecules of the fragrance oil.

To do this you must break the ionic bonds holding the wax together and then introduce the fragrance oil.

As the mixture of wax and fragrance oil ‘cure’ and cool the molecules ‘grab each other’ and form new bonds.

The wax is cured when molecules have stopped moving around and have all attached themselves to each other.

During this time the molecules harden, encapsulating the fragrance oil. After full crystallisation the oil is only then released with heat.

When we add the fragrance oil the molecules of the wax are fluid.

The fragrance oil is fluid.

Stirring the two binds the fragrance oil molecules with some of the wax molecules. Not all the wax molecules will get some of the oil.

Some molecules will get more than others.

This is why we stir the fragrance oil, to incorporate the two as much as we can.

Now, you can burn your products the same day if you choose to and without any doubt, they will have a cold and hot throw, once the wax is molten the fragrance oil will start to disperse.

Burning before a product is cured will burn off the fragrance oil quicker, you may smell the fragrance oil as an acidy stench.

It is always best to make the product and leave it to cure before testing, then you’ve covered all bases.

The aroma will be there as the molecules that hold it will release this, but, it’s nowhere as strong if it’s not been cured.

If you cure the products the chemicals migrate throughout all the molecules as it ages. Those molecules then crystallise trapping the fragrance like a capsule.

Dayas Essence using 3 times more oil within the wax needs longer for all that fragrance oil liquid to get trapped in the wax molecules

That’s why we cure 18 weeks so be patient you want great wax 😍😍😍

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