Get ready for a scent experience like never before. Our wax melts hold an extraordinary three times more fragrance oil in each tub, promising a sensory journey that sets new standards of delight.

With an impressive 30% concentration, our wax melts ensure a longer-lasting, lavish fragrance that effortlessly transforms any space into an irresistible haven of allure.
Picture this: one wax melt in a warmer, carrying its beautiful scent to multiple rooms, creating an ambiance that's truly exceptional. Our melts deliver extraordinary longevity, sparing you frequent replacements inherent in traditional wax melts. Rest assured, we uphold
complete compliance with CLP and IFRA standards. Experience an ambiance that's both enduring and economical, a testament to quality that truly stands out.

***1oz tub pot dimensions - Width 4.5cm Height 2.6cm***

Our full size product may be small, but they are definitely mighty!

Your senses deserve this indulgence try them today hit that button below.


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  • Quality that you deserve!

    The only way to get the absolute best fragrance for you and that’s to
    test all scents in various homes and settings, to know what is a website
    worthy product. We don't compromise on any quality control, so you can
    feel confident about your purchase with us.

  • Handmade with Love

    We take pride in crafting handmade, no compromise on safety either. As a passionate business who believes there's nothing better than doing a job well done and that’s to make someone happy through excellent service and products - it should be clear that our work ethic is all about love and trust.

  • Made in the UK

    Based in Great Britain, we make all of our products by hand. We use only the finest materials, and a higher oil infusion percentage of 30% for that longer lasting aroma we aim for top quality every time!