A white ceramic wax melt burner with a lit tealight candle, surrounded by a variety of Daya's Essence wax melts, including Black Plum & Rhubarb, Jammy Time, Gaining Green, and Detol Pine.

Get Ready to Experience Super Strong, Longer lasting Wax Melts from Daya's Essence!

You know that feeling when your home just smells amazing?

Well, get ready to multiply that by THREE!

Each of our highly scented wax melts is packed with a whopping 30% fragrance load, delivering THREE TIMES the fragrance of typical melts (which usually contain just 8-10%).

This means you get more strong scent, more value, and a stronger wax melt experience that you'll love.

We're not for the faint-hearted – our 30% fragrance load guarantees using a whole tub in one burner an:

INTENSE scent that DOMINATES every corner.

LONG-LASTING wax melt that fills MULTIPLE rooms.

Plus, they're fully legal and compliant with CLP regulations, and each melt is tested to provide a minimum of 30 hours of pure fragrance bliss!

If you crave IMMEDIATE impact and INCREDIBLE VALUE, it's time to supercharge your scent game.

Stop settling for weak scents.

Unleash the fragrance power and shop today.

(sold as single units 4.5cm wide x 2.6cm height, They may be small but they are very mighty!)
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Our Story

Hey there! So glad you decided to visit our little corner of the internet. I'm thrilled you're interested in learning more about my story.

Grab a cuppa, get comfy, and allow me to share the journey of how I created Daya's Essence with the hopes of one day passing it down to my daughter.

Click below to discover how my passion for fragrance led to this exciting venture.

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  • Quality that you deserve!

    I know that the only way to find the absolute best fragrance is to test it in real-life settings. That's why I have a dedicated group of fragrance testers who provide honest feedback on every single scent I consider.

    We test for longevity, strength, and aroma, and each oil must hit my strict minimum requirements in all three areas to be deemed website-worthy. Only the best of the best make the cut.

    Quality control is my top priority, so you can trust that every Daya's Essence melt will deliver an exceptional fragrance experience.

  • Handmade with Love

    As a hardworking mum with two jobs, I pour my heart into every handmade wax melt. I don't compromise on quality or safety because there's nothing better than making someone happy through excellent products and service. My work ethic is built on love and trust, and I'm dedicated to delivering the best fragrance experience possible and safely.

  • Made in the UK

    Handcrafted in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, Dayas Essence offers the UK's strongest, and highly scented wax melts. Made with 3 times more fragrance oil poured into our wax base to give you longer lasting, Intensely scented melts, exclusively to the UK. Making Daya's Essence a true gem for fragrance lovers across the country.