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FAQ: Shipping, Wax Melts, and More



Usual dispatch is within 1-3 working days 

Postage is based on weight and is auto calculated at the checkout.

We are unable to ship to Northern Ireland and other countries, please view this information on our latest blog post CLICK HERE


Do you offer free shipping? Spend £60 we will give you a £5.99 discount at the checkout which can be used towards shipping, please note you’ll see full cost for the postage but the coupon will reduce your bill.  This offer doesn't activate when an ongoing discount is ongoing as a promotion, nor can you add a discount code to claim both offers.


From the 14th Nov we no longer sell electrical or candle warmers etc branded item.




  • What wax do you use? = We use a special proprietary blend with added paraffin.   


  • Why don't you include invoice receipts in my order? = All receipts are automatically emailed to you for your records, we don't print and include an order invoice in order packages, this is to save on paper and ink, to help the environment.


  • Why don't you offer free "Thank you samples" = Due to the sheer number of materials that we use, 3 times more fragrance oil, we don't offer freebies, if we did offer freebies we'd have to increase our prices to compensate. 





  • What sizes are your melts? = All our wax melts come in 1oz tubs as single units. Each tub will vary in weight due to the heaviness of the oil, we always fill the tubs to the brim. 
  • 1oz tub pot dimensions - Width 4.5cm Height 2.6cm

    Our full size product may be small, but they are definitely mighty!


  • Do you offer any other size waxes? 

We do 1 size, a 1 oz pot.
In order to do any more gram weighs such as a snap bar we'd have to charge alot more than what we do for our current 1oz tubs. Due to more wax and oil needed. 



  • I'm new to your waxes how much should I use?=  This is down to individual preference; always make sure the wax you are going to use doesn't overflow your warmer dish. Some people love the extra strength so will use a whole tub, some people cut the tubs in half or quarters, you can use what you like for strength and longevity preferences.



  • Can I melt around my animals?= The main advantage of wax melts is they are proven to give your home a fresh scent and mask pet odours.

People ask if wax melts and candles can be used around Cats / Dogs, birds and other smaller animals, use your home fragrance products in an area that’s a safe distance away, each animal may smell the scent at a different level so this is down to preference! But animals are unique just like us. Some fragrance oils DO contain essential oils and may cause sensitivities, animals could have a reaction, but consult a VET if you need proper advice, Safety Datasheets / CLPs can be given to you to help with your enquiries. As with any products with ingredients list, such as washing machine tablets, shampoos, soaps, washing up liquid, bleach etc these are all there for your safety.


The same ingredients or other ingredients might be toxic to the aquatic environment what this means is, to dispose of the wax in a safe way, never down a drain, or unsafely dumped.

Always keep warmers away from any animal so their lungs are not engulfed in fragrance – treat animals like you would a new-born baby, you wouldn't want a wax melt burning near a baby would you?


Also keep wax melt products away from children too, always melt away from drafts and potential areas that little fingers and paws can touch. 



  • I've seen vapour floating from my warmer dish what is this, is it safe?= What you've seen is the heat-carrying the fragrance oil into the environment, it's a sign of a strong wax melt, if the vapour is like a cloud and not smoke then it's perfectly ok. 


  • I struggle to smell why is this?= If you've been melting scents for a long time, your sense of smell has gotten used to the scent, and you're experiencing nose blinding. Due to Dayas Essence fragrances being super long in terms of aroma longevity you may experience nose blinding.

Take a break from melting to reset your sense of smell and return to warming once your smell has returned, you will find there is fragrance still in the wax melt. Also make sure the space you are melting in suits the heat from your warmer and the size of wax used.


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