Let's Get Creative with Scents!

Let's Get Creative with Scents!

Ever been stuck deciding which fragrance to go for, or perhaps you've noticed your current scents just aren't cutting it anymore? Totally get where you're coming from!

Here's an Awesome Thought: Let's Get Creative with Scents! 💭

Just picture this: you, in charge of creating your very own unique scent by mixing different fragrances. How cool does that sound? It's like being a fragrance artist, free to experiment and whip up something truly one-of-a-kind.

So, Here's the Deal: Introducing the World of Scent Mixing!

Here's the lowdown: Get a mixology burner with two separate dishes to avoid any chemical clashes between scents. Mix and match your favourite wax melts to whip up your perfect fragrance blend. It's like being your very own scent magician!

In a nutshell, scent mixing is a super fun way to let your unique personality shine through your choice of fragrance. Say hello to crafting your own signature scent! Your ideal fragrance is just a mix away!

Share your mixology in our facebook group, But I don't want to see you mixing in the SAME dish, please for your safety buy a proper mixology burner :)

Wishing you a day filled with delightful scents ahead!


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