30% oil will last just the same as 10% concentrated wax melts! - Dayas Essence

30% oil will last just the same as 10% concentrated wax melts!

The scent will last the same as a 10% =

Our Commitment to Exceptional Scent Quality

At Dayas Essence, we take scent seriously. We go the extra mile to ensure that our wax melts offer a fragrant experience that's far from standard. Here's a glimpse into our rigorous testing and selection process:

  1. Quality Testing: We subject all our wax melts to comprehensive quality testing, examining their strength, aroma, and longevity. Our testing takes place in a variety of homes and with different types of warmers, ranging from Tealight to Electric.

  2. Feedback Analysis: We value your input. We collect feedback from our group members and closely analyze it. Scents that receive the most votes for meeting the essential criteria across all categories make the cut. These criteria encompass strength (a scent that can fill multiple rooms), pleasing aroma, and longevity. For example, we set minimum hourly requirements for both half and whole tub melts in electric and tealight warmers (Tealight: 20 hours whole, 13 hours half; Electric: 30 hours whole, 18 hours half).

  3. Stringent Selection: If a scent passes with flying colors in all these categories, it earns a spot in our product lineup. However, if it falls short on just one of these core requirements, it doesn't make the cut. Over the years, we've encountered numerous fragrance oils that don't meet our high standards. Dayas Essence utilizes top-quality oils to deliver both robustness and longevity in our wax melts.

  4. Why a 30% Load Matters: A wax melt with a 30% fragrance load offers a longer-lasting aromatic experience compared to standard 10% wax melts. If you're not experiencing this extended longevity, it's worth examining factors like your choice of warmer, room size, and other variables. For a comprehensive checklist, we have an article available in our blog section.

  5. Noseblind Phenomenon: Because our wax melts have such staying power, you may experience a phenomenon known as "noseblindness." In such cases, the scent becomes less noticeable over time. To address this, we recommend taking a break from melting for a day. This allows your nasal receptors to reset, and the air in your space clears. Afterward, you can return to enjoying the scent. Our long-lasting products mean you won't need to switch scents as frequently, offering a lasting aromatic experience.

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