Too much oil is a health risk! - Dayas Essence

Too much oil is a health risk!

30% will trigger lots of harmful chemicals and be a health risk! =

We prioritize your safety at every step. It's crucial to mention that we don't leave anything to chance when it comes to fragrance oils.

Before we even purchase a new oil, we perform rigorous checks and recalculate the CLP (Classification, Labeling, and Packaging) for each one. Our commitment to your well-being means we never buy an oil and "hope for the best."

Our focus is on preventing the "chesty man" pictogram from being triggered, a signal of potential harm. We are unwavering in our dedication to using only the safest ingredients. We never use oils that trigger toxicity when inhaled or pose risks to reproduction, unborn babies, or cancer.

For individuals with fragrance sensitivities, our detailed CLP information allows you to make informed choices and enjoy our products with confidence.

Your safety is our unwavering priority.

When you take a wax melt out of the packaging to place in your warmer, wash your hands after use, this is standard practice when handling chemical products.

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