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Too much oil is a fire risk! Lets talk flash points

You might have heard concerns about the high oil content in Daya's Essence wax melts and the possibility of fire hazards. However, let's put these worries to rest and explain why these concerns are based on a misunderstanding.

First up, let's have a chinwag about something called the "flash point." Now, this is the temperature at which the vapours released by a liquid (in our case, fragrance oils) can catch fire when they come across an open flame (For example a Match or lighter).

Here's where it gets intriguing – the flash point of the oil we use in Daya's Essence wax melts is significantly higher than the temperatures your warmers usually hit during the wax melting process. In simple terms, our super strength melts won't catch a spark, even with their extra oily goodness! Your warmers, whether electric or candle-based, just don't crank up the heat enough to catch a fire.

And for the extra scoop of safety, we've taken precautions by carefully selecting ingredients that keep our wax melts from becoming slippery little troublemakers.

Here's the real deal those incidents regarding house fires and wax melts often occur when safety measures take a back seat. Overheating tealight burners, stacking candles, or placing warmers on surfaces that aren't exactly heatproof.


When you follow the script, using Daya's Essence wax melts or any other wax melts for that matter safely, then you can have a worry-free fragrance fest, we recommend using a wax tealight burner that's approximately 10cm tall from the base to the dish above, all on a heat-proof surface. Toss in some unscented 4-hour tealight candles, and avoid cosying up your warmer in a confined space, or near drafts or near curtains or anything that could catch the candle thats warming your burner..

At Daya's Essence, your safety is our top priority, and we want you to know that our products are meticulously crafted with your well-being in mind.

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