Truths About Wax Melts & Fragrance Load

Truths About Wax Melts & Fragrance Load

I've recently received some questions on Facebook about Dayas Essence 30% fragrance load.

I always address concerns with care and transparency.

Join me as we chat about this together, armed with knowledge and passion for what I do.


Let's dive into the world of wax melts and discover what really makes our scents special!

The raised concerns are indeed valid, and I will address them accordingly.


Now, let's tackle one of the questions that often comes up in discussions about wax melts: The issue of fragrance oil concentration.

Wax can only hold so much fragrance oil. Above 12% and the molecular structure of the wax changes and it starts to sweat. Above 15% and it is difficult to handle and becomes a fire hazard.”


Here’s my explanation that acknowledges the concern to this question:

It’s absolutely true that wax has its limitations in holding fragrance oil, exceeding the waxes recommended percentages can indeed pose significant challenges, some waxes can comfortably hold 12%. Beyond 12%, the molecular structure of the wax may undergo changes, leading to issues like sweating.


Moreover, surpassing 15% not only makes the wax difficult to handle but also increases the risk of fire hazards, especially if a naked flame were to ignite the excess oil that is visible on the wax melt, but creating a blend using additional ingredients can help address these challenges by providing a structured base that can safely hold the desired amount of fragrance oil while maintaining stability, safety and prevent sweaty melts.


At Dayas Essence, I dedicated a rigorous two-year effort in perfecting the formula to address these concerns.


Through extensive experimentation and refinement, I crafted a proprietary blend that not only withstands higher oil concentrations but also prevents saturation.


This formula, combined with our unique curing process of 18 weeks, allows the wax and fragrance to fully combine and encapsulate, ensuring that our wax melts maintain their integrity and safety, preventing any oily sweaty melts that could pose a fire hazard if in contact with a naked flame. When using our wax melts in standard candle tealight burners or electric burners the burner doesn’t heat high enough to reach the flashpoint of combustion.


Furthermore, it's essential to mention IFRA (International Fragrance Association), which sets the standards for fragrance use in various products. Before purchasing any fragrance oil, I diligently review IFRA documents to determine the maximum allowable usage for that oil.

This ensures that my products meet safety guidelines and regulations.

Additionally, I have the CLP recalculated (Classification, Labelling, and Packaging) to match our fragrance load, guaranteeing compliance and peace of mind for my customers.


Now, let's turn our attention to another intriguing question that often crops up in conversations about our wax melts.


“When people advertising 30% fragrance oil or 30% stronger than other melts, they are not advertising correctly. There are no manufacturers of wax that recommend above 12 to 15%.”


Let's dive into this question and shed light on this.


While it's accurate that mainstream wax manufacturers typically recommend staying within the 10% to 12% fragrance load range, because that’s the maximum that particular wax can hold without other formulations, also many fragrance oil businesses offer FREE CLP; calculated at 10%, I have our 100% safety data sheets recalculated to represent my formula percentage.


Dayas Essence operates on a different wavelength. My wax is not a standard off-the-shelf product; it's a proprietary blend meticulously crafted over years of experimentation and refinement, it was hard work and cost a fortune, but I hit the eureka moment, through not giving in and quitting.


This proprietary blend sets my brand apart, giving me the flexibility to pour three times more oil into our melts while maintaining exceptional quality and safety standards, it’s my brands unique selling point.

When I was deciding to go into business, there was a gap in the market and my heart wanted to be different and to not be the same as others, which is the whole point in business.


My commitment to transparency extends to our Safety Data Sheets (SDS), which indicate no hazardous triggers and exempt my blend from CLP (Classification, Labelling, and Packaging) requirements. This underscores my confidence in the safety and efficacy of my product.


Just as Dyson or other industry giants protect their trade secrets, my proprietary blend is the cornerstone of Dayas Essence's success. It's what makes my melts stand out in a crowded market, you're not just getting another wax melt—you're experiencing the result of years of dedication, innovation, and a commitment to excellence that's truly one-of-a-kind.


Now, let's tackle yet another intriguing question that often arises.

Adding above this does not make the melt stronger either. The strength of the scent is to do with the top, heart and base notes it is made up of. Some oils smell stronger than others, and adding more oil into the wax will not improve the strength of many oils that are not designed to smell strong.”


Here's my take to this question. You're absolutely right again; fragrance oils play a significant role in scent strength. With the market flooded with subpar oils, finding the perfect match for my proprietary blend is paramount. I've kept our scent range minimal for this very reason—to ensure that each fragrance meets our stringent quality standards.


When conducting fragrance oil tests (as we prepare for our upcoming round of testing this year), I approach the process with utmost seriousness.

I have a dedicated team of 17 to 20 individuals meticulously testing my melts across various settings over a span of up to seven weeks.

Whether it's through tealight burners or electric burners, we replicate real consumer usage. This testing framework evaluates factors such as longevity, scent throw, and aroma quality.


Should a wax melt fail to meet my criteria in any aspect, it simply doesn't make it to our website.

I establish firm benchmarks for longevity, ensuring that our melts burn for a minimum number of hours. Moreover, I prioritise the potency and excellence of the fragrance, ensuring that each melt delivers an amazing experience.


I ensure that only the finest secures a place in my website collection.



However, I respectfully disagree with the assertion that “adding more oil doesn't enhance scent strength.”


This precisely is why when you come across Daya's Essence being recommended on social media, it's important to note that these recommendations stem from genuinely satisfied customers.

Based on my own hands-on experience, I firmly believe that the careful balance between the quantity of oil I incorporate into my melts in fact significantly boosts the potency of them.

This commitment to quality not only underscores my dedication to customer satisfaction but also reinforces my mission to offer safe and quality products that delight my customers, that’s why they are happy to shout about it.



Now, let's explore another common question that often comes up.

You also wouldn't make a profit using 30% oil even if the wax was magical and was able to hold it, because decent high quality fragrance oil is expensive”.


Let's delve into that question.

Indeed, profitability is a crucial aspect of any business venture, and Dayas Essence has been trading since 2018 with a firm eye on sustainability. It would be unwise to operate at a loss, particularly considering the expense of high-quality fragrance oils.


Yes, quality oils can be very costly, which is why I've implemented strategic measures to ensure financial viability.

I make melts in batches of 12 to 14 at a time, twice a year. This allows me to utilise my funds effectively.

Additionally, I made a price reduction last year in response to market challenges, particularly the cost of living crisis, this came out of my profit margin so yes I took a loss to help others in need. I do evaluations twice a year looking at margins and costs.

Despite the cost of living crisis challenges, I’m still running strong and remain committed to delivering exceptional products whilst keeping my eye on things.

The importance of balancing quality, affordability, and sustainability reflects this commitment I have; because I'm always ensuring that I can continue to provide my customers with quality wax melts without compromising on my values.


Addressing the questions I receive not only allows me to educate and inform, but it also dispels any misconceptions or rumours surrounding my brand.

I’m committed to transparency, safety, and delivering the highest quality products, ensuring that every experience with Dayas Essence is as delightful and reassuring as our fragrances themselves.


This is because I truly care.

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